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Anchorage, AK October 1 & 2 , 2019

Helping At Risk Youth Take Charge of their Lives Training

For School Staff, Parents/Guardians, Youth Workers, ICWA, TANF, Elders, Village Leadership . . .Anyone Who Feels Strongly about Helping Youth Secure a Better Future Register Now...Space is Limited...Group Rates

About Us

For over 25 years...


Creating Harmony/Recovery Foundation Workshops have been successfully providing workshops and trainings for Native Tribal and First Nations organizations, schools, agencies and communities through out the USA (Alaska and Hawaii) and Canada. Well over 20,000 participants in hundreds of communities, organizations and groups have experienced our unique and powerful training's and workshops. Our on-site workshops and training's are cost effective. We can train up to 50  participants for about the same cost as sending just a handful of staff out for a similar training.

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About Us


Our workshops and trainings are not boring! They are lively, interactive, challenging and fun! 

We have been successfully providing hands on, interactive, challenging  workshops and training's in a culturally sensitive, professional and creative manner. No dull, boring lectures. We believe workshops and training's should be interesting, creative and thought provoking. Creating Harmony Workshops have always been well received, well attended and highly regarded. Call us, we will pleased and honored to be of service.

Richard Roddy, Founder and Director

Who We Serve


Our client base includes BIE, IHS, BIA, TANF, ICWA, Tribal Housing, Schools, Social Services, Behavior Health and various other Village, Tribal and First Nations Agencies, Organizations, Communities and Groups.  We have helped our clients develop a greater awareness to achieve and maintain positive organizational and personal growth. These training's and workshops will also give you and your staff the tools necessary to develop and maintain an “organizational culture” of harmony and personal responsibility. We  have helped hundreds of organizations just like yours. 

We can help you too!

On-Site Workshops and Training's...We Come to You

Creating Harmony in the Workplace...Eliminate Gossip, Drama and Negativity


  • For Workplaces, Schools, Organizations, Agencies  and Communities 

This Workshop focuses on...

  • Personal Accountability, Responsibility and Cooperation
  • Creating a more Positive and Harmonious workplace, school or community environment.    
  • Help staff work to Support and Respect one another
  • Stop the Bickering, Gossip, Conflict and Drama. 
  • Eliminate Negative Beliefs and Excuses. 
  • Work Cooperatively leaving  “personal agendas” at the door. 
  • Recognize and deal with Blame Game/Victim Mentality 
  • Understand the importance of Character and Integrity.  
  • Work Together for Positive Change.
  • Bring more Respect, Kindness and Fun to your Workplace.
  • Build  more Emotional  Intelligence

Build a workplace environment that is more Positive, Productive, Effective and Accountable!

Managing Change... "Remaining Positive in the Face of Change and Adversity”


 While life is not always predictable, one thing is certain… there will always be change! 

This workshop focuses on...

  • Dealing with life’s changes both personally and professionally. 
  • Accept that change is constant and can’t be avoided. 
  • Develop personal effectiveness dealing with change and adversity.  
  • Maintain a positive and productive attitude
  • Develop awareness to the common pitfalls associated with change 
  • Collaborate, instead of clash with others during stressful change. 
  • Remain creative and cool under pressure 
  • Brings awareness of common objectives to the surface 
  • Handle stress, fear and uncertainty
  • Empowers us to deal with change in all aspects of life. 
  • Learn to Embrace Change

You Can Handle Change Effectively!          

Helping At Risk Youth... Take Charge of their Lives and Futures


For youth workers, teachers, mentors, social workers, counselors, parents, elders...anyone who works with youth

  • Understand At-Risk Youth and the issues behind the issues.  
  • Help youth understand the bully mentality
  •  Eliminate conflict.and the hurt-and-be-hurt cycle 
  • Teach youth ways to deal with the blame game/victim mentality
  •  Take responsibility for their own behaviors, actions and attitudes 
  • Focus on alcohol/drugs and other self-destructive issues.  
  • Work with youth to stay in school and graduate 
  • Recognize the very best in our youth…the “Perfect Spirit Concept” 
  • Learn the 12 Teachings for Native Youth:  Understanding the Purpose in Life
  • Help youth get a "head start" in life
  • Alcohol/Drugs are NOT the answer.

Youth are the Future! Let's Help Them!


Take Charge Program for Youth "Understanding the Purpose of Life and 12 Teachings for Native Youth"


For youth 12-20 with adult mentors 

This workshop focuses on...

  • What are At Risk behaviors and the "issues behind the issues" 
  • Understand the bully mentality and the hurt-and-be-hurt cycle 
  • Eliminate conflict and tension 
  • Learn ways to deal with the blame game/victim mentality
  • Take responsibility for their own behaviors, actions and attitude. 
  • Focus on alcohol/drugs and other self-destructive issues.  
  • Stress the importance to stay in school and graduate. 
  • Help youth recognize and accept that they are “Perfect Spirits”
  • Learn the 12 Teachings for Native Youth:  Understanding the Purpose in Life.  

  A Positive and Fun Activity for Youth!   

Kindness in the Workplace
"Dealing with Stress, Negativity, Gossip, Drama and Disrespect"



For Workplaces, Schools, Organizations, Agencies  and Communities 

This Workshop focuses on...

  • Focus on 3 key areas of Self, Co-Workers, and Community  
  • Create a more positive work environment 
  • Develop greater personal accountability and responsibility.
  • Stop the victim/blame game, gossip, drama, bickering, and turmoil.  
  • Learn new stress management and reduction techniques.  
  • Develop an increased respect, appreciation and kindness among staff
  • Create a more Positive, Effective,  and FUN  Workplace Environment.  

Work does not have to be a drag!


Team Building & Communication... Bringing your Staff Together


A fun, hands-on, action-packed, group workshop. This is a lively, fun workshop…no boring lectures.

  • Create a friendly and happy work environment
  • Open Communication lines
  • Develop Greater Team Spirit 
  • Network, Socialize and get to know each other
  • Create Self Awareness and willingness to adapt
  • Better understand personalities and behaviors
  • Solve Problems and Challenges 
  • Building Bridges to Obtain Desired Results
  • Lead and Manage your Team 
  • Brain Storming VS Blame Storming
  • How to Run Effective Meetings

What people are saying about Creating Harmony Workshops


  • “Wonderful workshop that makes so much sense.”
  • “Watched as our staff pulled together and wasn’t negative!”
  • “I found some useful ideas on how to handle stressful situations.”
  • “Great ideas to bring to the classroom.”
  • “This workshop was a real eye-opener.”
  • “Presented in a culturally sensitive manner.”
  • “It inspired me to be more positive.”
  • “Helpful suggestions for team building.”
  • “Very positive. Great motivation to improve.”
  • “We have joined together as never before.”
  • “This was a great workshop! 
  • "You brought humor to a serious problem.”
  • “This workshop will be remembered for a lifetime.”
  • "This is the first workshop I fully attended and enjoyed"

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